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Arctic Fox Corkwood Design Tote Bag. Dot and Check design.


Brand Story:

With the impending consequences of climate change and global warming, it is important that we, as a collective, take control of the way produce, package, and consume. Corco corkwood bags offer an eco-friendly, innovative, and chic alternative to traditional leather, to make sure you look good while doing good.  

The Process: 

Corkwood is gathered from the bark of Cork Oak trees, which are harvested by hand every 9-10 years. The process of bark removal is harmless, as the bark regenerates quite rapidly, allowing for a fully sustainable harvesting, and production process. 

Tote Bags: 

 Our Corkwood tote bags are simple, secure, and chic, making them the perfect companion for everyday use. The neutral, nature-friendly design is easy to match with everyday outfits and acts as the perfect accessory for any occasion. Replace your paper and plastic bags with these reusable, nature-friendly totes, and reduce your carbon footprint in style!  


    • Eco-friendly: Corkwood is amongst the most eco-friendly resources on the planet because of the rapidly regenerative nature of Cork Oak bark. 
    • Sturdy and Washable: Super strong, weight-less, soft, and water-washable. These bags are both waterproof and water repellent. 
    • Compresses and Holds: These tote bags compress easily and are easy to carry. A metal magnetic buckle is installed at the mouth of the bag to ensure ultimate security! 
  • Made in Korea. Materials imported from Portugal and Spain.