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Canadian Jade Bracelet



Imagine holding all the good of the universe on the palm of your hands – now imagine wearing it forever on your wrist. At Painted Hills Canada we present to you, our timeless pure Jade bracelet. Crafted with the most meritorious gem of this Earth, we empower you to take balance, tranquility, prosperity, and virtue everywhere you go. With a soft and simple design, this accessory is the perfect little token of luck, love, and life. Order online today!


Healing & Relaxation:Temperature matching properties work to soothe both your skin and your mind, the tangible feel of the stone itself is linked to reducing stress and anxiety. 

Prosperity & Positivity:Honoured for its protective properties, pure Jade is said to bring forth luck, balance, and happiness. 

Energy & Spirituality:Deep-rooted in spirituality and spiritual healing, Jade is revered for its embodiment of stability, harmony, and protection.  


Made with Canadian Nephrite Jade

Made in British Columbia, Canada