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Jade Turtle Pendant


Adorn your neck with a stone and a symbol so immersed with prosperity and tranquillity that you’ll feel restored (we promise). At Painted Hills Canada, we combined two of the Earth’s purest entities – Canadian Jade and Turtles – to offer you a little piece of portable protection. In case you didn’t know, apart from being absolutely adorable, turtles are revered as personifying immortality, wisdom, persistence, and fertility, across countless cultures and histories. By infusing the renowned elements of purity, protection, and prosperity of Jade, with the timelessness of turtles, this pendant fits everything good into one small and simple keepsake. What better way to attract goodness than to wear it! 


Healing & Relaxation:Temperature matching properties work to soothe both your skin and your mind, the tangible feel of the stone itself is linked to reducing stress and anxiety. 

Prosperity & Positivity:Honoured for its protective properties, pure Jade is said to bring forth luck, balance, and happiness. 

Energy & Spirituality:Deep-rooted in spirituality and spiritual healing, Jade is revered for its embodiment of stability, harmony, and protection.  


2’ long pendant, attached to an adjustable black cord

Made with solid BC Jade

Made in British Columbia, Canada