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Eco Friendly cotton tote Bags- Steam Clock- 6 bags



Steam Clock

Gastown’s famous Steam Clock is a token of Canada’s history of resilience and pride. The steam clock was built by Canadian horologist Raymond Saunders in 1977, upon the request of human rights activists who thoughtfully proposed the establishment of a historical landmark to oppose the construction of a freeway through Gastown and Chinatown. We hope that our Steam Clock tote ignites in you the same diversity, creativity, intuition, and strength held by the masterminds behind the historical monument. 

Features: (for each bag) 

    • Eco-friendly: A handmade, reusable, guilt-free alternative to traditional plastic. 
    • Sturdy and Washable: Super strong, lightweight, soft, and water-washable. Durable fabric and straps ensure product transportation with no rips or tears. 
    • Compresses and Holds: These tote bags neatly compress and can be rolled up for easy storage. 
    • Made in Sri Lanka.