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Eco Friendly cotton tote Bags- Vancouver( 6 bags pack)


Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is a land of never-ending excitement! From British Columbia’s best nightlife, most unique restaurants, most beautiful attractions, and most unpredictable events, downtown Vancouver istheplace to be. We hope our Downtown Vancouver tote helps you relive the serendipity of cycling around Stanley Park, marveling inside the art gallery, eating the World’s best gelato at Waterfront, reclining on the soft sand of English Bay, and having a shopping spree on Granville!

Features: (for each bag) 

    • Eco-friendly: A handmade, reusable, guilt-free alternative to traditional plastic. 
    • Sturdy and Washable: Super strong, lightweight, soft, and water-washable. Durable fabric and straps ensure product transportation with no rips or tears. 
    • Compresses and Holds: These tote bags neatly compress and can be rolled up for easy storage. 
    • Made in Sri Lanka.